Welcome to the professional website of Paula Lupinetti-Chadwick LCSW

This page was created to bring you information, insights, and resources on your journey to healing. It is also here to share with you a little bit about myself and my practice.

Take a look around and please feel free to reach out in the contact box below. Thanks for visiting!


Current Clients – I will be out of town from Saturday, September 1st to Sunday, September 9th and will not be able to return any messages until Monday, September 10th. If you are in crisis, please contact or go to your nearest crisis center.

Potential Clients – as of August 2018, I am currently unable to take on any new clients due to limitations in my schedule. If you would like to reach out to talk about being put on my waiting list, please email me at paula@joyfulbeginningscounseling.com or call at 609-346-5953. If you need assistance finding a therapist, I would recommend looking at Psychology Today’s website, where you can search for therapists by qualifiers such as zip code, insurance accepted, and types of therapy offered. If you are looking for someone local to Collingswood, I would personally recommend: V. Margaret Newman Therapeutic Services in Westmont, Annie Fisher in Merchantville, Core Counseling in Voorhees, Allie Miller in Cherry Hill, The Starting Point in Westmont, or MaryAnne Giello (215-219-5549) in Collingswood.



This website is not an alternative to individual, family, couple, or group psychotherapy. It’s intention is to provide additional resources for those currently in treatment with a licensed professional. If you are in treatment, and find any of this information to be useful, please share with your practitioner/clinician for continuity of care.

Also, please note that there will be a ton of information here that is linked from other sources. I will try my best to rely on credible sources. Please feel free to contact me with any incorrect information that I can remove or un-link. The beliefs, view, and perspectives of the website moderators, bloggers, and fields of study do not necessarily reflect the beliefs, view, and perspectives that I hold personally or professionally. Please filter through what is relevant to you and don’t be afraid to search for more information on your own.

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